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The Escala Saledo complete of spaces for fun and relaxations for everyone to enjoy. It is complete with a lap pool, a kiddie pool and a fitness hub. For relaxation, it includes a lounge area for families to enjoy. moreover it also comes with a basement, penthouse floor and roof deck.

Escala Salcedo can best be described as a fun and a relaxation space, not just to a select few but to everyone. During the design phase, Alveo Land saw the opportunity to create an inclusive community where both the young and old feel proud to be part of this environment. There are lots of facilities that have been included as part of the property development project. Among the amenities include:

Kiddie Pools – These are designed for small children for them to wade and play. In terms of size, they are about 2 feet deep, just enough for the kids to have fun as they develop their abilities to maneuver through water and learn how to swim.

Lap Pools – For the health and fitness-conscious, their needs are taken care through lap pools. They fit well in the narrow and shallow residential lots. They also offer you the privacy to frequently exercise right within your space.

Fitness Hub – With the sedentary lifestyles that we live today, you need facilities that enable you to exercise enough. The development of Escala Salcedo would not have been complete without the inclusion of a fitness hub. In summary, this hub is fitted with modern equipment including cardio machines for you to work your heart out. Anyone can find his space within the hub because the community as a whole was factored in during the design of the center. As you look for a place to retire among friends and community, this development suits you perfectly.

Function Rooms – Do you project yourself having business meetings, gala parties, social events, and other gatherings that bring together quite a sizeable number of guests? Escala Salcedo has function space that are naturally lit where you can interact and have your meetings in a quiet setting. What more can you ask for!

WI-FI Ready Family Lounge – Not all your guests may want to go to the living room. Some could be friends who are just passing by. Alternatively, the house could be full of people and you just need a place to relax and entertain a section of your guests. Alveo Land foresaw this in its design of Escala Salcedo and came up with the family lounge that is connected to WI-FI.  It is a convenient space in a relaxed environment.

Penthouse – This is simply a symbol of luxury and fineness of life. When you are bored staying in your home, you can simply get to the uppermost floor and enjoy the view of Makati from the penthouse. It doesn’t occupy the entire roof deck which means there is space left for you to walk around.

Landscaped Gardens – Imagine stepping out to a greener environment! By all means, this gives you a healthier feeling and a space that fosters an active lifestyle. With many diseases nowadays linked to the livability of our communities, Escala Salcedo gives you the privacy and serenity to significantly cut your stress levels. This combines well with the parks and lawns to give you a picturesque home.

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